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Tune In to These New TV Shows

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Get ready to hit the couch, because there are a host of new TV shows to keep you occupied.

  1. The Family – When the presumed dead son of a politician shows up more than ten years after disappearing, his family begins to wonder if he’s truly who he claims to be.
  2. Underground – Executive produced by John Legend, the 10-episode drama follows a group of slaves in Georgia attempting to flee the South using the Underground Railroad before the Civil War.
  3. Flaked – A Netflix original, Flaked takes on the role of a self-declared guru named Chip. When he falls for the same woman as his best friend, it’s only a matter of time before his web of half-truths unravels.
  4. The Catch – The Catch is all about revenge. Alice Vaughan, one of L.A.’s top private investigators, gets abandoned by her fiancee who takes the majority of her fortune with him. She focuses her energies on payback.
  5. Rush Hour – Detective Lee, a martial arts master from Hong Kong, relocates to Los Angeles while investigating the fate of his presumed-dead sister.