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Making the Most Out of Your HDTV

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You might spend a lot of time in front of your television, but chances are you aren’t using it to its full potential. Below are 10 tweaks for creating the ultimate TV setup.

  1. Play to your TV’s strengths. If, for example, you have a plasma, you’re better off putting it in a dimly lit room. Also, a lot of modern TVs come with a feature called Motion Smoothing that you’ll most likely want to turn off unless you’re watching sports.
  2. Clean up and organize your cables. Your whole setup will appear cleaner, and it will be a lot easier to add more cables when the time comes. Make sure that you’re using the right cables for the job.
  3. Connect all of your devices. Connecting all of your modern devices, like cable boxes, streaming devices, and computers is extremely useful.
  4. Find clever uses for your unused ports. Many modern TVs have USB ports that will let you charge your phone or a game controller. Composite ports allow you to hook up a video camera, which can be useful for security purposes.
  5. Get a good universal remove. The more devices that you have hooked up to your TV, the more remotes will stack up on your coffee table. Instead of using all of the remotes that you accumulate, get a universal remote that can handle everything at once.
  6. Clean and maintain your TV properly. Most TVs won’t need any kind of deep cleaning, so usually you can just wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or a coffee filter. If you need to use water or an antistatic cleaner, be sure to apply it to the cloth instead of the TV.
  7. Use your TV’s modes. Game Mode, for example, will give you a different picture than Movie Mode.
  8. Pair your TV with some high quality speakers. Sound is a big part of our TV watching experience. Most TVs don’t come with great sound, so you can give your TV-watching a big boost by adding a great pair of speakers.
  9. Manually calibrate your TV for the best picture possible. Many people don’t know that your TV does not come with the optimal setup for your living room. Usually you can get significantly better picture with a few tweaks to brightness, contrast, color, and so on.